Thug Double Fucker Silicone - Black

Brand: Oxballs

Product Code: OX-1121-BLK

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THUG is a dick dildo attached to a cockringstretch the ring around YOUR cock and balls and it lays out on top of your meat for one hot double-FUCK. Its not a cocksheath so your dick is free to use with it on for DP or drop your dick and fuck with just THUG... Its like a strap-on that isn't STRAPPED ON! the silicone cockring at the base really does keep this fat fucker in place.

The cockring part stretches to fit comfortably, its a 1.5 medium-firm silicone ring that stretches and grips. THUG is 8 from base to tip and a little more than 6.5 inches around.

Item comes packaged in a heat sealed pouch

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