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Miguel Cocksheath With Adjustable Fit - Clear


Brand: Oxballs

Product Code: OX-3001-CLR OX-3001-CLR OX-3001-CLR

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$57.95 $57.95
MIGUEL is a meaty, vein-covered cock with a realistic hood and thick piss slit. MIGUEL attaches to your junk by a built in cock-sling base and melds to your cock like a second skin-it's made from our signature FLEX-TPR so it's blubbery and squishymakes your meat look and feel just like a pumped up monster hog.

For a tighter fit, MIGUEL comes with one "nub" insert that is designed to lock into the hollow chamber making the inside shaft shorter by about 1".

The inside chamber is about 7", you can use additional optional bullet "nubs" for a custom fit.

FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxicand phthalate free

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